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OVBE Directory Advertisements

OVBE® Xchange
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Advertise your business in the OVBE Directory in a way that will captivate all visitors.
Choose from 7 designs. View each design in the photos.
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List your URL'(s) and the devices you want to display each on, a business description, category, address, and keyword search terms.

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Product Info.

OVBE Directory Links get thousands of visitors a day. A directory listing is viewed when visitors search OVBE for products, services, or visits the Directory Links directly from their homepage. The directory links can be viewed here OVBE Directory Links

Businesses are added to the directory through business interactions with OVBE or from recommendations from members. Those additions are displayed with the standard picture, link back to the company's website, and are deleted as space is needed. The Business Directory and Podcasts/Bloggers categories are available for advertisements.

Purchased advertisements will be displayed for the life of the network, always link back to the website advertised as long as it is operational, and provide a location link for directions for mobile users. An example can be found here: Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Advertisements are displayed in no particular order and display the view count, so anyone can see how many times the business listing was viewed. When you purchase an advertisement provide the matching URL, a business description, a telephone number if available, a business address if there is a physical location, and preferred keyword search terms. Visitors will be able to get directions from the location tab of the listing. *We reserve the right to deny displaying advertisements for any business that does not align with the business standards of OVBE.