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Display your product, event, website, or service on the homepage for maximum exposure. The perfect way to show potential customers what you have to offer.
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    • Last updated October 4, 2020
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Product Info.

Get exposure for your business, event, product, or service with the home banner billboard advertisement. Show every member that logs in what you have to offer. It is the perfect advertisement to reach thousands of potential customers.

The advertisement is a picture billboard that does not redirect or link back to external websites. Ads are a part of a rotation of ads that displays a new ad after each page refresh. Daily or seven day weekly slots are available, two to four day slots must be consecutive, and all advertisements are subject to approval. Advertisements are displayed at 12:00am on the start date and ends at 11:59pm eastern time on the end date. Requests must made for the month in which the advertisement is to be displayed. If the requested dates are not available, then future scheduling will be offered. Request approval and available dates before purchasing the home banner billboard advertisement, by sending message to OVBE Xchange owners.

Format for the advertisement:

1600px by 300px
Jpg. file
Display a product, event, website, or service
No obscenity