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Ninja Trader Algo

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Temet Nosc,

My journey as a futures trader started on Think Or Swim and it has been an amazing one. However, as with many traders, time is our most valuable asset and sitting in front of the charts as life goes on becomes unattractive. The next in a trader's journey is finding ways to automate your trades, so you don't have to sit in front of the computer all day. The step after that involves building a system from your automation that removes all emotions from your trading. The final step is building a profitable system that can run on it's on with very little interaction from the trader. 

From what I can see, there are not many traders that evolve into algo traders, believe algo traders exists, or willing to share what they have created. As a trader that has created over 50 TOS indicators, I can relate to everything I mentioned. I do not know many algo traders, but that is partially due to my circle of friends, however I know they exists. I also know that no one is coming to save me, so I must become the type of person I wish to learn from. I do not know any algo traders personally, but now my friends and associates can say they do.

The main reason I believe I do not know many algo traders is because of the time and work involved in building a system. I have created and tested about 15 algos since January, and stayed up many nights and weekends perfecting my systems. If someone were to ask me for my system, I would expect them to offer at least three zeros to left of the decimal place. If a person builds a profitable system and took the time to research various indicators as well as configurations, they should be compensated because they have done all of the hard work. Why should someone teach you or give you a system to make money for free? If they do not value their system, then the people they share it with likely will not. 

Life is about choices and the choices you make will affect your life negatively or positively, but you have the freedom to make your own choices. Some time this year I will allow those who chose to learn the secrets of the Matrix an opportunity to join. The first round of memberships will be for lifetime only. I only want people who are committed and driven to be the best.. My goal is to share what I have created and we can all evolve collectively, once you learn concepts that have made me successful.

The chart you see below is from Ninja Trader. My evolution into in algo trader led me to their platform, and I am very pleased with what I discovered. Think Or Swim is awesome, but if you trade the micros, due to fees it is a waste of your time. The Ninja Trader fees are low and they make coding Algos easy if you know what you are doing with their strategy builder. 

The chart below is called the Eye of the Matrix and is one of my favorite charts to implement my algo trading system. It is the first iteration and I am sure it will change over the years, but this is the start of my algo journey. As you can see, there are upper indicator and lower indicators, which are used to create rules for the algo. The process of creating an algo is complicated and simple at the same time. It is almost like creating music with instruments versus using a sampler. To create a profitable algo, you must know how to configure each indicator, what they are used for, and how they interact with all of the other indicators. It is easy to create an algo based on entries and exits, but when you have to account for volume and trend changes throughout the day, that is when the hard part begins. All entries and exits are affected by everchanging market conditions and you must try to foresee the changes and make the algo adjust accordingly. 

The next phase of my plan is to perfect the algo and let it run live on my YouTube channel, so people can see the algo in action. Allowing people to see the algo in action will let people know what is possible, and show them how they can change their financial outlook in life if they dedicate themselves to learning how to trade. There are people in the world that really make thousands of dollars on auto pilot, but there is no incentive to share with the masses. I also believe for some people, before they can dream big, they have to see other people achieving what they are dreaming of to stay motivated.

With my Think Or Swim indicators, I just show you the arrows, but with Ninja Trader I am showing you what is behind the arrows. The only road block in front of you now, is the name of the indicators used, but if you have taken the time to study various indicators and perfect your craft, then you likely can reverse engineer what I have shared by looking at the picture. If you cannot and do not want to take the time to research and study on your own, when the time comes apply to join us, pay the fee, and let's build this life long relationship. 

YouTube: Red Pill Futures Matrix

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