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Futures Tracking | E-mini S&P 500 | 9-09-22 | +35 Climb

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Friday September 9, 2022 the e-mini S&P went up about 35 points, closing positive for the day. Watch the indicators during the uptrends and downtrends, notice which indicators move just before the direction of the trend. The goal should be to get in and out as trends reverse.

The trading hours captured was from 8:00am to around 3:00pm, which in my opinion are the core hours with the most volume. Beginning of the uptrend climb: 03:19 , You can find the rest.......

The video has been accelerated so viewers can see the trends form in the indicators. The top 3 indicators are my pre-trend indicators, followed by confirmation and volume indicators.

*Freebie, for further in depth analysis, join OVBE as premium member. The YELLOW up/down arrows are "DMI Reversal Alerts", they are supposed to signify a possible uptrend or downtrend, but don’t put too much faith in those.

The 5th indicator from the top has the "Ease of Movement" overlaid on the "Balance of Market Power". The BOMP indicates the trend of whether buyers or sellers are in control, red bars(sellers), green bars(buyers). As trends reverse or begin, notice if the buyers or sellers are in control. I always try to short as close to the top of the candle as I can when sellers are in control, and buy as close to the bottom of the candle when buyers are in control. 1/2pt to 1pt scalps in and out. Happy trading, study, and STAY FOCUSED.