How to Join

OVBE is a private invite only network. Members are required to be at least 18 years old, have an interest in business, or already active entrepreneurs. A member can be an individual, or represent an organization with a business interest. You can also sign up with no invitation, and wait until your account gets approved if you think you represent the principals of OVBE.

Sharing information, marketing, networking, and generating extra income is the focus. Networking with like minded people while sharing and learning new information, will lead to innovation, inspiration, and motivation. So those invited/accepted, will have the common interest of entrepreneurship.

Prospective members can join, by requesting membership via the Contact page. Send a request stating you want to join, and provide an e-mail address to receive an invite. Please review the Membership Plans page, and determine the tier you qualify for. The Consumpreneur member tier is for new members that are not established entrepreneurs or bloggers, with no verifiable presence. The Mogul and Entrepreneur member tiers, are for seasoned entrepreneurs/organizations with an established blog, affiliate marketing presence, an online business, or other social media presences that can be verified. Members will be approved at the discretion of OVBE.